Taru Liikanen, Paintings, 5-22 Oct 2021

Taru Liikanen, Paintings, Espoo 2021

Tapiola Library, Espoo, TaruGalleria (reading section)

Art Exhibition: 5-22 Oct 2021

Romantic love is deeply connected with our hopes and dreams. In this whirlwind of emotions, individuals bring their own perceptions and expectations together, with sometimes unexpected results. Questions arise. Where does reality overlap with what is supposed to be?

  • ARTIST: Taru Liikanen
  • EXHIBITION HELD: 10 / 2021
  • TECHNIQUE: Ink on paper
  • EXHIBITION SIZE: 10 pieces

 Taru Liikanen, Artist at the art exhibition, Paintings, Espoo 2021


This collection of 10 works by Taru Liikanen (MA) studies the themes of seeking love, cinema, and art. Depictions of embraces, kisses, and fulfillment (or lack thereof) are portrayed. Techniques used include explorations of ink & gouache on paper, with varied sizes.

Meanings that are unattainable with other methods than art are the realm of Taru Liikanen. She is an artist and educator by heart and training. Her artwork explores and builds upon concepts that are ever-present in cinema: hopes, dreams, fears, love, and contradictions. Similar to how cinema brings to life concepts of fantasy, Liikanen's art brings to life that which is otherwise under the surface, unseen, yet often intimately felt.

 On North by Northwest, at art exhibition, Taru Liikanen

On The Wrong Man, at art exhibition, Taru Liikanen

On Vertigo, Taru Liikanen, at art exhibition